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The Fallen Angel Strategy is Acorn’s flagship strategy and pinnacle of the Acorn Wealth strategies and one of the things Acorn was made famous for.

Personally developed by our very own John Seville in 2005; the fallen angel strategy is the culmination of twenty years of strategy building and testing.

Designed for any market condition, this strategy yielded its best results during the 2008 and 2020 market crash declines and after math.


Systems for trading which allow you to consistently make rule based decisions

Simple and Direct approach to the market

Complete strategies targeting only the highest probability patterns

Start to finish complete strategies

One-on-One hand-holding and mentoring to take them start through finish from learning to implementation and ultimately profitability.


Instructor: John Seville

Prerequisites: Patterns & Probabilities

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Fallen Angels Course

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My biggest learning from Fallen Angels has been the use of moving averages to control my entries and exits. Fallen Angels and the strategy itself is a gift from above that keeps on giving.”

Rodney R.

I would say if you are serious about trading, don’t keep looking around and jumping from one place to another. Just take a course with Acorn and jump into it. All of Acorn’s courses are spot on, especially the Fallen Angels course.”

Abdul Y.

I had always wanted to be in on one of those stocks that showed it going from 50 cents to four dollars, but I couldn’t understand the pattern behind it. Acorn has pulled it all together for me. I can look at the Fallen Angels pattern now and understand it technically. It’s been transformational to my trading. So thank you so much for that. The Fallen Angels course alone paid for my lifetime membership, and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. It is just an enjoyable experience to be on board.”

Bruce B.

Fallen angels is not necessarily only applicable to speculative penny stocks as it’s also applicable to large stocks that got crushed. Instead of just having fear, when the market crashes, I can look forward to big drawdowns and crashes as outsized gains can be had. The Fallen Angels is unique as no other schools teach this powerful technique.”

Ed C.

The Fallen Angels course is a 10/10. Anyone wanting to learn how to trade will get more than their money’s worth with Acorn. Figure out your risk tolerance, use the Risk-Reward spreadsheet each and every time, listen and learn. Fallen Angels will always make you smile.”

James P.

The Fallen Angels pattern is the most powerful pattern I have seen. But, they don’t all execute the same and sometimes it can take a long time for the pattern to develop. The key is…you have to have patience. I have found so much value in taking the Fallen Angels course! Thank you.”

Megan O.

You’ve heard it many times: BUY LOW and SELL HIGH! Yeah yeah…right. But this guy in his Fallen Angels class does exactly that and his magic formula for spotting them truly works.”

Janet O.

There is so much I learned from the Fallen Angels course, it’s hard to summarize in just a few words! To name a few things –I learned how important it is to recognize the patterns, learned about moving averages and other indicators, I learned about insider buying, and playing off of that information. I wish I had learned this 20 years ago!”

Denise S.
New Message
From: Matt

I’m more of a value investor and your FA strategy is like manna from heaven. I’m up 4x on my best FA investment (CDEV) since purchase. Your insight and explanations on all of the strategies you and your team teach are the best I’ve experienced.   Keep up the great work and may God continue to bless your company and your members.

Matt Y

New Message
From: Rob

John, I love the Fallen Angels strategy or as I might call it: The Ted Williams Trade (hear me out on that). My win rate with them since June (24 trades) is 41.6% which is close to Ted Williams’ batting average of .406 in 1941, and he was a superstar. My Return on Risk Capital is 41% which is incredible considering I’ve lost on 58.4% of my trades. I love the baseball analogy for this trade because it is the one sport where if you only succeeded 40% of the time you stepped up to the plate, you would have one kick-ass career.

Here’s the kicker: I’ve missed the vast majority of your grand slam picks so these numbers are more than likely going to jump significantly as time goes.


New Message
From: Faith R

I’m looking forward to the Fallen Angels Class to learn more about the indicators used with Fallen Angels. Also, I do scans but often don’t come up with the same picks as Acorn. So I want more insight into FA picks to see if I can tighten up the criteria for my picks.

The low-priced FA’s are a nice alternative to options, and can really augment the profit in the trade magnified by the larger number of shares. A bonus is that it’s easy to control using stop-loss and targets!

I’ve been very happy with your picks. Recently I have run the FA scan nightly for six weeks. Then I pick, watch and cull the group. After a few days or a week (sometimes even longer), I get a feel for the stock and it’s possibilities and then put in a buy order. Until recently I haven’t been consistently patient and find that has hurt my interpretation of the charts and entry/exit for the stocks. I don’t always come up with the same stocks and not sure why – so this class may help with that.

Thanks for your diligence and communication skills. I have improved my skills after being out of the market for about 8 years. The pattern’s approach is great, and Fallen Angel picks have been a wonderful part of the skills we’re learning.

I’d recommend your classes and approach to everyone who trades stocks. Looking forward to the upcoming Fallen Angels class!

Faith R

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