Instructor: John Seville 

Prerequisites: None  

Outline: Ultimate Traders Toolbox is a big benefit 

About the course

After being in this industry for over 17 years our CEO , John Seville, discovered one OVERWHELMING TRUTH. The SMART MONEY knows best! This course serves as content packed 4 module course suitable for all experience levels that will teach you how to scan for very high probability trade and investment setups where the Insiders of the companies are either loading up and buying stock in their own companies with their own money or even potentially dumping their shares in the case of a shorting opportunity.

The course takes you through a top-down, structured, start to finish, rule based journey beginning so that you can arrive at your trading decisions with the confidence to execute.

This begins with teaching you our proprietary strategies of how we firstly determine if we should be looking for longs, shorts or going to cash by tracking where the smart money is going in the market on a month to month basis.

Once determined we then show you how we then utilize our propriety Smart Money scans to scour the market FOR YOU and immediately identify any high probability trading opportunities to consider.

In the final part of the course we then show you how to execute the trade in a way that allows you to automate then entry all the way through to the exit of the strategy based on rules. This allows you to deploy your capital in a set and forget methodology and let your money truly work for you!