Stock Trading Bootcamp

Four Part Online and In Person Trading Bootcamps


  • Introducing the student to trading VS. Investing
  • How smart money vs. retail money invests.
  • Why algorithmic trading controls the market
  • How to benefit from algorithmic trading
  • Setting up and configuring your charts and trading platform
  • Understanding what moves a stock.
  • Review of the different trading patterns and personalities of stocks.
  • How to identify the higher probability patterns
  • How to develop a scan that will find stocks for you setting up for the perfect storm – saving you HOURS!
  • And more…

Stock Shorting Course

Red days in the market will turn into green days in your account!

  • 3 x 60 Minute sessions
  • Why is it important to utilize short selling when you trade?
  • How to short and understanding the risk.
  • How to locate and analyze shorting opportunities.
  • Locating how much short interest there is in a stock.
  • Acorn’s Proprietary scans to locate profitable shorting opportunities.
  • Setting stops, and limits.
  • Shorting to hedge your account.
  • The imitations that come with shorting stock.

Master Stock Trading 1 on 1

Exclusive 1 on 1 stock market training with your own private coach!

Acorn trading combines book smarts with street smarts. Knowing the theory and the tools is critical, but learning how to apply them at the very moment you choose to commit your money is equally important. Imagine a course that teaches you to do business in China.

You can read books. You can take a course on speaking Mandarin. You can study maps. But when you set out, why not have a mentor beside you on the plane? Or have a guide to help you pick a hotel in a good district. Or a companion to walk with you through the streets of the city, pointing out places you must visit and neighborhoods you should best avoid? Or, perhaps most important, an interpreter to help you navigate your way into that first major deal?

Acorn offers a suite of services designed to support your complete success—from initial orientation and focused training, to one-on-one mentoring and decision-point support, to trading-room demonstration.

You can join an Acorn syndicate and be supported by nine other traders who share your goals.

You’ll be taught by an active trader—not a customer representative or hands-off instructor.

Master Stock Trading

Become a master at stock trading!

You don’t have to know it all.

We will teach you a specialty: swing trading. Moreover, we will teach you the exact same strategy used by the professional traders here. This type of investing offers a far superior rate of return than conventional investments, and you stay completely in control.

Using our proprietary swing trading profiles, you can predict the behaviour of stocks with amazing accuracy. You will watch the people with the power to move the markets. You will make sound judgements using market indicators—you will know what stocks to trade, when to buy, and when to sell.

You will know how to reap returns in a month that others expect in a year!

  • Tuesday and Thursday receive full analyses of the current market and sector performance.
  • In-depth chart analysis of our trades so you are ready for upcoming trading opportunities.
  • Bring your questions and trades to discuss in the interactive forum.
  • Includes Silver Membership.
  • A Premium Trading Newsletter
  • North American market and economic outlook, and how to trade the current markets.
  • Our own stock and option picks of the day, with clear entry and exit points.