The Acorn Wealth Experience

Coaching Process

Coaching Process

If you were getting your self into shape do you feel you would benefit more from a set of DVD’s from home or an actual personal trainer in the gym? The answer is obvious. However many of us treat our finances with a totally different approach. Allow our trained professionals to take you by the hand and teach you the strategies that will allow you to take control of your portfolio and gain that feeling of confidence and control that many never find.

With thousands of stocks it is impossible to go through each of them manually each day. With our strategy you will learn how to scan the market in a matter of seconds and quickly identify the stock we are looking for. We have found that there are a set of criteria that when aligned create an ideal opportunity for a stock to make a quick and profitable of move of often 10% or more. We call this situation ‘The Perfect Storm’.

We have often had our clients comment that the biggest difficulty they have had comes down to having the confidence of knowing when to consider selling or entering into a position. Often this can be due to a lack of strategy and disciplines. Working with your personal mentor we will show you methods that you can use to strip away this confusion. We will of course will be here with you on this journey every step of the way.


8 Step Strategy

In many courses and programs out there we have found students will be swamped with dozens of different options of different types of courses to take, modules to include, and packages to purchase. When we asked our students what they were ultimately looking for the answer was usually the same “I want to know how to make more money”.

With that in mind Acorn has stripped all of the ‘noise’ and sometimes confusing elements of the stock market away from our course. What you will learn is a concise 8 step strategy that will enable you to open your charting software after the market has closed and go through a definitive decision making process which will alert you to profitable stocks and help you pick your entry and exit points with confidence.

We discovered our strategy by back-testing hundreds of profitable stocks. This revealed certain factors many of them shared in common, prior to a rise in the price of the stock. We now know the “characteristics” of the stocks that we are looking for.

The next step was to design a scan of the market, that could find them on a daily basis, having narrowed tens of thousands of stocks down to a short list of typically 5-10. We then applied a series of further tests to this short list, narrowing it down to one or two stocks with the best probability of success. By putting them through so many different tests, we found the stocks that provided us significant returns.
A Recipe for stock market success

Many of our clients have likened this 8 step process to much like following a recipe. Because as with any venture, you must have a recipe and a plan to what you are doing. Otherwise if you don’t know where you are going, then any road will take you there!

In our course you will learn how to use our unique 8 step approach to:

  1. Scan the market daily and pin point a short list of candidates worth considering
  2. Identify and understand the different types of personalities of stocks you will encounter
  3. Develop your understanding of the basis of technical analysis and how to apply our 8 carefully selected criteria to your trading strategy.
  4. Put the candidates(or any other stock you choose) through our tests and make confident calculated decisions.
  5. Quickly disregard stocks that do not meet the criteria you are looking for
  6. Effectively evaluate which stocks will provide you the greatest potential return with the least amount of foreseeable risk.
  7. Manage your trades so that the odds are always in your favor.
  8. Plan your exit strategy before entering your trade

No matter what their level of experience we constantly meet investors who may spend upwards of 15-20 years in the market without ever developing a strategy that consistently works for them. Rather than spend the time and money having the market teach you the lessons, we hope you will take the time to educate yourself ,with our assistance, and get your money working effectively.


Seven Deadly Trading Mistakes

Some of the Mistakes We Teach you NOT to make

1. Chasing stocks uphill

Trading stocks profitably is more science than art, and gut feelings have no place in it. This most
common mistake is to become so enamored of your stocks as they move upwards that you buy
more. In most cases, a solid upward trend means that the majority of likely investors have already
bought it. If you buy at that point, you will pay too much. At Acorn, we teach you identify and be wary
of stocks that have pulled away from their trend lines, then be patient. We teach you to time your
purchases precisely, just as high-potential stocks dip temporarily back into their normal trend lines.
(Most investors actually buy high and hope to sell higher. We teach you how to buy low and sell high.)

2. Chasing stocks downhill

Inexperienced investors get twitchy when stocks they’ve purchased dip in value. Often, they unwisely
try to overcome their losses by buying more of each stock at the new lower price, hoping to make
even more profit when market values finally go back up. At Acorn, we teach you that such strategies—
known in the market as averaging down—are both risky and unnecessary. We teach you to track
critical indicators as your stocks begin their move. If they lower by more than a predetermined
amount, you have the confidence to exit swiftly and pick a winner elsewhere.

3. Trusting public information

That awkward truth is that by the time the public learns of a winning stock, seasoned investors have
already made their money and are getting out. Most of those stocks are, ironically, just about to fall. At
Acorn, we teach you to track stocks the same way the experts in Wall Street do, by using real time,
reliable tools that identify winning stocks early on, just when the true experts are beginning to pour in
their money. That way, you buy low and sell high every time. Later, when members of the public finally
get excited about the stocks you hold, you sell to them.

4. Risking too much

All successful traders are cool-headed strategist who base their day-to-day decisions on facts, not
feelings. At Acorn, we teach you to limit each investment to an amount you can afford to lose. Betting
the house on just a few stocks is unsound and unwise. In only ten hours, you’ll learn how to avoid
undue risk by making exceptionally high returns on many, relatively small investments.

5. Exposing yourself to loss

Even with all the insight of a professional trader, you cannot pick a winner every time you invest. You
can, however, limit your losses in every single transaction. At Acorn, we teach you simple techniques
for automatically protecting your investments from a downturn. If any stock loses its value by an
amount or percentage that you set, it will be sold for you at that price immediately, even if you’re asleep
when it happens. Even better, your stop losses—as these protocols are known—can be set to ride up as your stock increases in value. So, for instance, a stock that you buy at $10 with an order to sell if it hits
$9 ( a stop loss of ten percent), could rise in value to $20, then dip to $18, an amount ten percent
below its all-time high. Your stop loss kicks in automatically, and your stock is sold, leaving you in this
case with a $8 or 80 percent gain on your original investment.

6. Selling too early

Just as inexperienced flyers get nervous at each new sound inside an aircraft, inexperienced traders
can overreact to normal, healthy fluctuations in the value of a stock. One of the most common errors is
to misinterpret a minor pullback in value as a sign of a major reversal. At Acorn, we’ll teach you not to
sell your winners too early by understanding the natural rhythms within long term, money making
trends. With Acorn training, you’ll never again sell too soon.

7. Bucking the market

It’s almost impossible to make money by going against the trend of the market. If you’re acting on a
hunch, betting that all the experts are wrong, your chances of success are minuscule. At Acorn, we
teach you to use reliable tools to identify a buying or selling trend just as it begins. You can then buy a
stock and ride that trend to significant earnings in a short time. (Only 10 percent of investors make
money on the stock market, and they make it by taking from the other 90 percent. We teach you to
join the 10 percent.)