Learn to Trade

Trade like a pro. Pick the best stocks.

We have been picking winning stocks with high-percentage gains for years. We don’t sell a system, we teach you how to be a trader.

You will never learn these techniques in a finance or accounting course.

You don’t have to learn it all. We teach you about stock selection and market timing—so you’ll know what to buy and when to sell.

You’ll be taught by an active trader—not a customer representative or hands-off instructor. In ten hours, our experienced traders will teach you which stocks will be winners so you can trade like a pro.

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Learn About Trading

What stocks to buy. Market timing. Technical trading.

Our Mission… is to teach you how to be a trader rather than following someone else’s picks blindly. Learn to trade with us and you will:

  • Have a Winning Strategy…
    For finding imminent 5 to 15 percent moves consistently.
  • Be Ready for the Bounce…
    Make money as the market drops and be ready to know exactly where to be looking when it turns around.
  • Understand the Charts…
    Replace fear with excitement by knowing exactly what you are looking for.
  • Trade like a Pro…
    Learn the strategy which will give you the ultimate checklist to use before you ever take another trade.