Stock Market Education


Why the Stock Market?

It is really quite obvious. Investing is the best way to secure your future and the fact is that the stock market has consistently outperformed any other type of investment. In this world there are two ways to earn income. One is to exchange your time and labor for dollars and the other is to have your money earn money for you. Those who harness this power can reach unbelievable heights while those who don’t, advance very slowly if at all.

The challenge is, that the stock market for most people is seen as a complex and confusing place. With thousands of stocks out there and just as many different strategies, it seems like an impossible and daunting task for any investor to master. Most people therefore either end up investing in stocks without the proper strategy or give their money to others to manage and hope for the best. This often results in less than expected results.

No matter what the investment vehicle, there will always be an inherent risk in any investment. The biggest risk we take is not educating ourselves and leaving our capital unprotected. Harnessed correctly, the stock market offers great methods of protecting your money and the opportunity to make aggressive profits while maintaining a conservative approach.

Special Situations

Special Situations

While we primarily recommend a short-term trading strategy, there may arise situations that dictate a longer hold. These often occur as a result of groundbreaking technology or pharmaceutical breakthroughs that are often brought to the market by small or unknown companies.

Even if you only find a position such as this perhaps once a year and invest a small portion of your portfolio in one of these companies, you can make significant profits on even a small initial investment.

It’s important to be aware and keep your antenna up at all times to be able to discern the junk from the genuine companies. Your professional coaches will teach you highly effective ways to keep your ear to the ground and see the signs of these stocks before you read about them in the papers.

Planning Your Profits

Simply put, an effective swing trading strategy makes more money, in less time, with less cost than other trading methods. Please find below our useful compounding calculator, that illustrates how this works.

Compounding Calculator

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