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Insider Case Study – Emery reviews Acorn Master Stock Trading graduate Emery Ostrosky talks about his experience with Acorn.
Without very little knowledge of options, I attempted to make a paper trade. After listening to the trading room prediction on the head and shoulders of Apple, I placed a paper trade November 11 for a put option 525 April 2013 (see attachment). Today, in theory, I'm up over $3000, a profit of 66%. That's pretty wild.
Acorn is helping me change my life. I am currently unemployed and have made the decision to make a living from trading on the stock market. Acorn Wealth Corp. is the only reason I could have made this life changing decision. Thank you Acorn!
You guys taught me to trade with the overall trend in the market and that has made a world of difference to me. You have also helped me in other ways too. I have a lot more confidence in my trading now. It’s more effortless now. Before I was always second guessing myself, wondering if I am making the right decision. I was scared to be wrong. As you know that leads to missed opportunities.
Edward M
The Stock Market was a huge financial elephant to me that created intimidation and a fear of loss financially. I have never invested in individual stocks. Due to your training, format I have initially chosen to pursue a single appendage of the stock market experience (swing trading), which will allow me to invest in individual stocks with confidence. I am no longer overwhelmed and see the potential for huge financial benefits. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.
Tommy Thomas
Although I consider myself to be a "seasoned" investor and use both stocks and options, my success in the market to date has been lack-luster to say the least. Although I have been investing for quite a while, I have made expensive mistakes.

The most important thing I have learned from Acorn is my approach to risk. I gained a whole new appreciation for risk and how to apply that knowledge.
Peter Morgan
I have found the educational experience with Acorn to be invaluable. Acorn outlined some fairly simple principles and stressed the importance of being vigilant and disciplined in trading. They helped me to understand that a small profit taken in a short time can pay great dividends over the longer haul.
Dr. David M
Thank you so much for all you have taught me. I'll tell everyone about your course.
Bill D
I was a fundamental speculator in the stock market before Acorn. Now I have the basics to be a profitable swing trader. Acorn has giving me the confidence to keep refining my skills and education in the stock market. With my first 8 trades being all highly profitable, Acorn has giving me the edge to achieving my goal to be financially independent so I don't have to fly planes for a living.
Tonight was an excellent session. I have a much better understanding of how to look at and understand the candles... John, I like your teaching style! You go through things slowly and use drawings to illustrate what you are saying. This helps to clarify and besides, I am a visual learner so it works great for me. Your teaching is very clear and concise.
Kathryn E
I was watching RIMM today around 1:30 to 3:15 or so and thought I noticed a Head and Shoulder Pattern developing on a 1 minute chart. I anticipated correctly, and had my short order in place at $8.39 when it finally triggered. It went down just as it was supposed to. Not much, I know, but I think I can legitimately say that this is the first trend I saw developing and reacted appropriately, in the 2 years I have been trading!
In the midst of all these bad events, I did a really nice trade with the Acorn guidance. I made $832 (16.2%) in 4 days with IMSC as I bought at 1.05 and sold at 1.22. Thank you.

I placed the entry low enough but strangely, it gapped and went all the way down to an expected 75 cents and back up. I sold towards the top of the downtrend.